Damage report 
Your boat or yacht has been damaged. As a result, you need to submit a report from a boat expert to your insurance firm as soon as possible. Our expert firm is certified by TÜV-SÜD Product Service. We offer a fast, on-site expert assessment throughout Europe, and we will prepare a report for your boat insurance, including the determination of the residual value. We would also be more than happy to handle the written correspondence with your insurer.  
Liability loss In this case, you are the injured party and therefore, you can choose a surveyor. We will assess the damage on location and then prepare a report. We will submit this report on your behalf to the opposing party´s insurance firm. As soon as the repair work is authorised, you can leave your yacht at a shipyard of your choise for the work to get started. Hull loss In the case of hull damage, you have caused the damage and you thus cannot choose the surveyor. In this case, your insurance firm would normally choose the surveyor. We would be happy to let you know whether we can act on your behalf in this case or not. 
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