Valuation report 
One cannot be careful enough when purchasing a boat. Have the boat or yacht valued and find out how much it is worth. The valuation report will spare you unpleasant surprise after purchasing the boat. Has your boat suffered damage to the hull, osmosis, stress whitening or engine damage? Would you have purchased this boat if you had known about these issues in advance?  Surely not. Even as a seller of a boat, you should protect yourself!  Find out the actual value of your boat through a certified boat expert in a professional and competent way manner in form of a valuation report. With this knowledge, you will not only be able to determine a good selling price but also have the peace of mind of handing over your boat in an excellent condition. Valuation for insurance classification After viewing the boat, I will prepare a brief report about the current value of the boat. This brief report will help your insurance firm determine your insurance contribution.
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